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It’s not too early to shop for your loved ones (and yourself) for the gift-giving holidays –Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza–fast approaching. Shaklee has some excellent suggestions and a special price incentive when you place your order. 15% off any three of these items. Promo Code is Goodhealth. Must shop by midnight on December 6th to take advantage of this special offer.

Total Wellness For the
Well Rounded

  1. MindWorks® Nutrients and Extracts Shown to
    Boost Mental Sharpness*
  2. Stress Relief Complex* Nondrowsy Blend of Calming Herbs
    and Nutrients *
  3. Optiflora® DI Probiotic Clinically Proven for
    Digestive and Immune Health*

Energizers For the
Go Getters

  1. Shaklee 180® Energizing Tea A Natural Energy Lift
  2. Sustained Energy Boost* Energy Now. Energy Later. Naturally.
  3. B-Complex Perfect Balance of B Vitamins
    for Energy and Well-Being*

Daily Boosters For the

  1. Collagen-9™ The Most Complete Collagen Product
  2. Turmeric Boost Extra-Strength Formula Standardized
    to Contain 95% Curcuminoids
  3. Organic Greens Booster One cup of raw, Organic, Nutrient-Rich
    Green Vegetables in Every Scoop

Skin Care For the

  1. YOUTH® Moisture Lock Day Cream Rehydrate, Revitalize, and Refresh
  2. YOUTH® Radiance C+E Restore Radiance in a Single Dose
  3. YOUTH® Hydrating Gel Mask Instant Facial – Revive and Glow
Youth Skin Care:

Immunity For the

Chewable Vita-C® Cellular Antioxidant and Immune

NutriFeron® Immune-Boosting Botanical Blend*

Vita-D3® 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3


Travel Essentials For the
Jet Setters

  1. Get Clean® Germ Off+ Wipes Disinfects in One Step‡
  2. Get Clean® Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Kills Germs While It Protects Your Hands
  3. Triple Defense Boost 3 Immune-Fueling Blends in 1 Tasty Drink*
Be safe as you go!

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Be well, Do Well, and Keep Moving, Betsy

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More energy by day; better sleep by night

From the heart……

Recently I stopped by the drinks section of my favorite healthy grocery store, Puget Consumer Coop in West Seattle. I rarely buy any flavored drink preferring filtered water. I seldom leave home without a full water bottle in my purse. But that day, I was dragging and wanted a quick boost. Whatever it was that I bought and drank down on my long walk, it wired me with fantastic energy for the rest of the day and into the night. A bit too much.

There are two problems here:

1. Too much water is being pumped from the Earth and sent around the world with just a little added something-or-other. This is environmentally unsound. Flavor your local tap water yourself. Cut down on plastic bottles. Cut down on shipping which clogs the highways and adds C02 to the atmosphere.

2. What’s in all those drinks? Are they healthy? Artificial? If we need an energy boost—and apparently we do—are we doing damage to ourselves by drinking these concoctions?

Just as I was pondering these problems, Shaklee introduced a new powder, in serving-sized packets designed to make your filtered tap water into an energy drink. Read on to get the full story on this drink.

You and I have to do all we can to reduce the mining of water and the shipping of things we could make at home. Little shifts in our habits like making our own energy drink could help reverse global devastation. Every little act makes a difference, especially if we tell other people about it. Change the neighborhood, one household at a time.

Sustained Energy Boost you can mix at home.
Grapefruit or raspberry.

Sustained Energy Boost is an on-the-go stick pack available in two fruity flavors, Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit. It delivers a boost of energy powered by 100 mg caffeine from extracts of green coffee beans and green tea, plus chardonnay grape seed extract to promote healthy circulation, which helps deliver caffeine to the body and brain.

Why does it contain chardonnay seed extract?
Rich in polyphenols, chardonnay grape seed extract has been shown in a pilot study to rapidly enhance circulation within 1 hour. Healthy circulation is critical for the distribution of nutrients to the body and brain. Sustained Energy Boost contains chardonnay grape seed extract to promote healthy circulation to help deliver caffeine to the body and brain.
When is the best time to drink it?
Anytime you need a pick me up.
What’s the best way to drink it?
Mix 1 stick with 8–10 oz. of water or your favorite drink. Take a sip and get going!

MN $19.95 for 14 sticks. You will save so much money making your energy drink at home! Order some today.

More from the heart.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping through the night for years. Is it one of the conditions of growing old? Friends have talked to me about not sleeping well. Even with 3 tablets of Gentle Sleep Complex every night. Our body repairs as we sleep. We need a full night’s restful sleep, preferably uninterrupted. This seems to be a problem across the generations. So much stress in a chaotic world. Just as I was considering going to the health food store to see what might be available, Shaklee announced a new sleep aide. Read on for the details.

A restful night’s sleep is a precious thing. It can be yours.

Dream Serene ingredients

Melatonin, a hormone produced in the body that regulates sleep-wake cycles. Melatonin has been clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster.
Valerian, a plant that reduces the time necessary to fall asleep and improves sleep quality in individuals with sleep problems.
Lemon Balm extract is used in teas and traditional medicine to relieve headaches and treat sleeplessness. It is clinically shown to affect sleep and mood.
The synergistic blend of valerian & lemon balm promotes more restful sleep.
L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea leaves that helps alleviate stress.

Understanding How Sleep Affects Your Heart

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one-third of adults get less than the minimum recommendation of 7 hours of sleep each night, adding to their risk for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. What does that mean for you?

Count your hours. Lack of sleep can disrupt your hormones and cause calcium buildup and other changes in your arteries. On the other hand, excessive sleep of more than 9 hours is associated with higher health risks too. Most adults need to aim for 7 to 8 hours nightly.

Watch your blood pressure. Your heart slows down, and your blood pressure drops while you sleep. This nocturnal dipping gives your body a chance to heal from daily stress. Without this time off, you’re more vulnerable to hypertension and other issues.

Manage diabetes. Elevated blood sugar can harm your blood vessels. Sleep helps to stabilize blood glucose, lowering your risk for prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

Lose weight. Do you crave fattening foods after a restless night? Studies show that lack of sleep may throw your hunger hormones out of balance, and make you want to overeat. Excess pounds increase inflammation and strain your heart, especially if they settle down around your midsection.

Reduce sleep apnea. If you snore and feel tired during the day, you may have sleep apnea. This disorder causes you to stop breathing intermittently while you’re asleep, putting you at greater risk for heart attack, stroke, and atrial fibrillation. Ask your doctor about CPAP therapy and other options.

Minimize disruptions. Even if you go to bed early, frequent interruptions can keep you from enjoying the four essential stages of sleep. The deeper stages of non-rapid eye movement sleep are especially beneficial for your heart. In addition, continuous sleep keeps your heart rate from spiking each time you wake up.

Be consistent. One study found that shift workers had almost 20% higher rates of coronary heart disease. If possible, go to bed and wake up at around the same time each day.

Change your diet. Eat more fiber, including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Cut back on saturated fat and avoid trans fats.

Exercise regularly. Work your way up to doing at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. Cardio workouts like running and biking strengthen your heart and lower your blood pressure. Strength training conditions your heart and enhances your overall health too.

Learn to relax. It’s natural to feel anxious sometimes, especially in these chaotic times. Relaxation practices can help you to cope and enjoy more restful sleep. Take part each day in activities that help you relax.

Use natural sleep aids. A gentle, yet effective product like Shaklee Dream Serene, a patent-pending formula containing melatonin and a proprietary blend of valerian, lemon balm, and L-theanine can help you fall asleep, stay sleep and alleviate occasional sleeplessness.

Sufficient sleep and other heart-healthy habits can lower your risk for many serious medical conditions. Talk with your doctor, so you can figure out which factors are most important for helping you to lead a longer and more active life.

MN $21.25 for 30 capsules

Be well, Do well, and Keep Moving,


Youtube channel: You tube betsyjbell

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The Virus

September 14th, after choir practice

My throat is scratchy. I think I am getting a cold. I suck a Defend and Resist echinacea saturated throat lozenges.

September 15th

I am stopped up. I coughed off and on all night in spite of sucking 3 more Defend and Resist. I got up and fixed the Bomb: 2 Sustained Release C, 2 Garlic tablets, 2 Lecithin (to loosen the phlegm), plus a cup of Throat Coat tea.

I text my hiking buddies, deciding it would not be a good idea to hike in the threatening rain when I feel so bad. I dig around for a thermometer. My temperature is 100.4. I mask up and go to the store for chicken soup and a few other things, even though I have no appetite.

I finish my newsletter and drive to the UPS store–I usually walk but have no energy for the mile distance–and get copies made. The place is crowded. I grab the copy-counter and when I’m done, hand it to my grandson who works there and checks my card. I’m good to go. I avoid everyone, keeping my head down.

I collapse on the couch when I get home and fall asleep until dark. My downstairs housemate catches a glimpse of me and says you better get tested. I go online and make an appointment for the next day.

September 16th

I get the test. My fever is still 100.4. My kidneys hurt so I stop taking the Bomb every three hours. I stop tea and drink just warm water, and lots of it.

September 17th

The text tells me to call. That has to mean bad news. I am positive. I have been contagious for seven days prior to the first symptom. They tell me to let people know.

I’ve been good. Honestly, I have. It has been 19 months since the lockdown. Eight months since I have been fully vaccinated. I wear my mask everywhere I go. Well, pretty much everywhere. Not in the car or on the street. I detour around a passing person. I don’t even look at that person. If our lips can’t smile, what’s the point of eye contact. I’m suspicious of everyone. I have ridden the bus. I have flown to Mexico and back, last March. I have been camping with family, hiking, picnicking outdoors. So it didn’t surprise me when I looked at my calendar that I had been with a lot of people during the previous 7 – 14 days. I had a lot of phone calls to make.

Our church choir had robed on the 12th, taking all precautions, standing apart as we vested for the first time since March of 2020. We had practiced the hymns for the morning, the liturgical responses. I was in a wash of glory.

It had been nineteen months since the last choir practice. We all showed our vaccination cards, sanitized our hands, stood so far from each other, I could not hear the pitch from my fellow altos. But we were together and it was glorious. I barely felt my heels on the floor; I was levitating with joy.

Making music together was perhaps the greatest loss Covid caused. I managed to see my children and grandchildren in backyard picnics. One of my grandchildren lived with me during the whole first year, June 2020 to May 2021. We masked up, cooked together, sang together outside around the fire pit. Our choirs continued to provide music for our online worship at the Cathedral. I played along, putting on a brave face, recording my part for the Christmas anthem, the Easter anthem. I stood in my home office, computer propped up on a pedestal, one earbud with the recorded piano part and the conducting arm of our choir director keeping the beat while I faced my cell phone and hit record. Techocapable people put my singular effort together with all the others and our faces tiled across the screen during the service. In the conglomerate, we sounded good. I knew my part, even with eight tries, was weak and a little offbeat and out of tune. But there my face was, singing. The congregation loved our efforts. Many choirs around the country made this technologically demanding musical presentation happen. But to the singer, it was nothing like singing together in one place in one voice.

My first email was to the choir director.

Then the leader of the intergenerational hike Sunday afternoon, the 12th. There was evidence: a picture of us all, me in front, no masks. It was windy and chilly. We were outside. Hopefully, that made a difference.May be an image of 2 people, people standing, outdoors and tree

On September 10, tracking backward, nine family members spent an evening viewing the slides from a recent Wonderland Trail Mt. Rainier hike undertaken by two of them. I sat next to the other grandparent who is 97 years old. I felt panicky and texted everyone.

Back further, I spent three days with another family at their vacation home, and exactly fourteen days before my first symptoms, we went to a restaurant. I called them.

I called my grandson in the UPS store.  His response? Oh, Grandma. I’m sorry. Can I bring anything by for you?

I may have endangered multiple people.

My choir director recommended that members get tested (no positives) and would not be allowed to robe up and sing together on the 19th. He didn’t mention my name so I confessed on FaceBook and was thanked for my transparency. A fellow hiker who watches my weekly hikes and is a nutritionist at a large facility left a big container of lentil soup on my doorstep. A daughter-in-law offered to shop for me. My best friends from South Africa heard through their FaceBook-reading children in England that I was sick. They called from Grahamstown. My priest called.

No one I have been with has come down with Covid. I breathe a sigh of relief.

Did I mention that I have another roommate, a woman who shares my bathroom and kitchen and who, it turned out after I agreed to a long-term stay, was not vaccinated? For health reasons, I hasten to add, not out of any conspiracy theories about nefarious government intentions against its citizens. She planned to get the vaccination, just not yet. We wore our masks in the house, cloistered ourselves in our rooms, sprayed all surfaces with disinfectant, repeatedly. When I heard her cough, I took her to be tested. She had Covid, too. We will never know who got it first or whether it was a simultaneous occurrence. We are both well again. Almost 100% but I still tire easily and take to the couch. She has gone back to work, busing downtown to an office of masked people.

Covid is a strange disease.  After a week, I felt strong enough to drive to Capitol Hill, about twelve miles from my West Seattle house, to make a product delivery to a customer—without talking to her, I add in case you are raising your eyebrow over my escape from quarantine. It was a beautiful day and a drive would do me good. My GPS took me on the usual detour (West Seattle’s bridge is under repair), up highway 99 through the express tunnel, onto eight-lane Mercer St. To the I-5 northbound lanes, and then across six lanes of sixty-miles-per-hour traffic to the Lakeview exit. I have made this maneuver many times and delight in the thrill of navigating multiple lanes of traffic.

The battlefield inside my body was not happy to have all the reserves stripped by the adrenalin rush required to make this traffic-dodging trip. When I got to my customer’s house, I was exhausted, barely able to carry the small package to her front door. I realized I could not drive home. I drove down to the Arboretum thinking I could rest in the beauty there. I found a parking place near the visitor center, got a blanket out of the trunk of my car, and slowly, deliberately, walked to the first out-of-the-way sunny spot and lay down. Within minutes I was sound asleep. When I awoke thirty minutes later, I had the strength to walk to my car and drive the back roads home where I spent the rest of the day sleeping on the couch.

Who knew the adrenalin it took to navigate the six lanes of fast traffic would deplete my body’s internal army? Have I learned my lesson on healing? This week on Wednesday, September 29th, I joined my hiking buddies for a level meander around Traditional Lake at the base of Tiger Mountain. I drove there in the slow lane sandwiched between the trucks, keeping to the flow of traffic with no darting around, squeezing in, alternate routes to get there faster. I noticed my heart never revved up. My calm disposition, listening to a novel with no thought about the damn slow traffic stayed with me for the entire hour and a half it took to join my friends for the three-mile hike.

Covid illness lessons

Rest, rest, and more rest. Reduce stress from any quarter. Let your body heal.

What nutritional support is there for Covid?
Can we count chicken soup? Lentil soup? I asked my alternative medicine resources what the non-traditional medicine people were recommending. I will share their answer with the caveat that I would never go to the extreme measures some people have taken to alleviate the symptoms of a severe Covid reaction. I would put myself under my doctor’s care if I had breathing problems, a continued rising temperature, a persistent cough that prevented sleep. I do not recommend the more advanced measures.

Probably helpful to alleviate symptoms and combat the replication of the virus.
*Cold Eeze zinc lozenges (these help with the RNA replication in your throat) I used Shaklee’s Defend and Resist lozenges several times a day and night. They contain echinacea, zinc, larch, and elderberry.

Extra zinc 100mg with Quercitin (I have not tried the Quercitin, but I plan to get some, 500 mg 2x daily)

Vitamin D3, as much as 20,000mg daily. I use Shaklee’s D3 2000mg each, several, several times a day.

Vitamin C 1000mg every 6 hours (for me this was too much and my kidneys complained. I always take 2000 a day.)

Melatonin 10mg (this is an antiviral, something I had not heard before)

Physical actions to help. I went outside every few hours and sat, stood, or walked around depending on my strength.

Prone (lay on your stomach so oxygen can get to the most important part of your lungs) I didn’t need to do this.

Get up and walk every 2 hours, around the clock. I used no alarm clock.

Stay outside or create a negative pressure room (fan sealed in window, pointing out)…. this helps with not re-breathing your own viral load and continually reinfecting you.

The following suggestions are beyond me and my comfort level. I offer them to you as they came to me. Consult your health care provider before embarking on any of these. I feel we have left the world of prevention and natural remedies when we get to these suggestions.

*Aspirin 325
*Pepcid 80mg 3x daily (this has been shown to reduce the need for intubation)
*NAC 600mg, 2x daily
*I—M—tin 24mg daily x 5 days
*HCQ 200mg BID x 7 days
*Azithromycin 500 daily OR
*Doxycycline 100 BID (both prescription) these are to avoid or treat pneumonia
*Colgate Peroxyl, antiseptic mouthwash (multiple times daily). This stops viral replication.
*10% Betadine solution, mix 1/2tsp with 44ml nasal saline spray. Spray in nostrils 4x daily. This stops viral replication.
*Dexamethasone 6-12mg daily (prescription-to reduce inflammation)
*Prednisone 20mg x 7d (prescription-to reduce inflammation)
*Pulmacort 2x daily (prescription-breathing treatment to reduce inflammation)
*Fenofibrate 145mg daily (prescription)
*Monoclonal antibodies (needs prescribed at a center that does them)
*PulseOximeter- purchase one at your local drug store, this goes on your finger and tells you your oxygen level and pulse.

If your oxygen is below 90 with all above “at home” remedies, check with the health care provider for prescriptions and next steps.

Strengthen your immune system now.

If you are worried about exposure, you might strengthen your immune system to increase your protection. I use Shaklee Nutriferon, Vita C, Vita D3, Vita-Lea Gold (which has zinc). I plan to add Quercitin.

Quercitin 400mg daily
Vitamin C 1,000mg daily
Vitamin D 5,000mg daily

Take the guesswork out of your supplement program. Shaklee has a  health status questionnaire that yields a recommended supplement program based on your answers and health goals. Me*ology. Complete the questionnaire for yourself and for your kids. The algorithms calculate your answers and give you a personalized supplement program that comes to your house every month. What a great way to take your wellness to a whole new level. Me*ology gives you a baseline. Special circumstances like getting Covid require special help.

May you be well. May all in your household and extended family be well.

Keep moving, Betsy

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Collagen: the glue that holds us together


What is it and how do you know if you have all the collagen you need.

A few years ago, my hair thinned, my nails started splitting and tearing (they had been my screwdrivers), and my skin tore at the slightest brush with a blackberry vine. What was happening? I check out a few sources and realized that this aging body wasn’t making enough collagen. So, I went to the health food store and asked the clerk which collagen would help. There were many to choose from: big horse tables (4-6 a day), powders, liquids. I had no idea but took the tablets home and began to take them. My nails firmed up again. My hair stopped falling out–the bathtub drain was clear. My skin still tears easily. Oh well.

Shaklee never jumps on board the latest “thing”. Their scientists must study, test, source, and differentiate. At last, they came out with a Collagen product, different from many others on the market. Collagen itself contains detectable amounts of only eight essential amino acids, but all nine are required to support protein synthesis. So, Shaklee combined 10 grams of collagen plus 1 gram of pea protein to create Collagen-9. This blend of collagen and pea protein provides all nine essential amino acids, as well as vitamin C and biotin, to support the production of all proteins including collagen.

What is Collagen, anyway? …

The word “collagen” is derived from the Greek word kólla, which means glue.

Collagen is the most common protein in your body. In fact, about 30 percent of your body’s proteins are one type of collagen or another.

Collagen is a structural element of bones, muscles, tendon, and ligaments, and is a major component of your largest organ… the skin. Collagen is also found in blood vessels, teeth, cartilage, spinal discs, the digestive tract, and the corneas of your eyes.

The older you get, the less collagen your body makes… and it’s of a lower quality than when you were young.

Your body cannot make collagen without vitamin C.

While there are sixteen different types of collagen in your body, most of it is type I, II, III, or IV.

The structure of a type 1collagen protein is a triple helix… three chains twisting around each other… that gives collagen its unique strength. In fact, type I collagen is stronger than steel on a gram-for-gram basis because it’s made of fibers densely packed together.

And… it can stretch without breaking.

Collagen’s production and its ability to repair itself are diminished by too many refined carbohydrates (especially sugar), UV light exposure, nicotine, and nutrient deficiencies.

A recent study suggests that collagen may help build muscle mass and reduce fat stores when you engage in resistance training.

Weight Loss while you sleep

Our nightly repair process goes on while we sleep. The repairs work better if our stomach is not processing food—so don’t eat before you go to bed. Repair work takes energy which comes from fat while we sleep.

By using Shaklee’s collagen formula, in combination with an empty stomach before bedtime, you may experience better overall health, improved appearance, more restful sleep, help to maintain your mobility and flexibility, and natural weight loss.

YouTube Preview Image

Remember, dear Ones, there is no guarantee that any product will work miracles for your health, but what if you did experience better health, as so many Shaklee customers have? Why not try it. Always a money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

They’re back & they’re better … Get Clean

Germ Off+ Wipes!

Now you can clean and disinfect household surfaces in just 5 minutes! Get Clean Germ Off+ Wipes are effective against bacteria and viruses, on hard, nonporous surfaces.

These wipes can be used without rinsing in kitchens and on food contact surfaces.

What are Germ Off+ Wipes?

They are disinfectant wipes effective against bacteria and viruses on hard, nonporous surfaces. No rinsing or wiping is required, even on food contact surfaces.

Are they effective against COVID-19?

The disinfectant in Germ Off+ Wipes kills the COVID-19 virus.

Do I need to use gloves while using Germ Off+ Wipes?


Are Germ Off+ Wipes safe in any room of the house?

Yes! Germ Off+ Wipes are safe to use without rinsing in kitchens, on food surfaces. They can be used on toys, car seats and other hard, nonporous surfaces. Discard used wipes in the trash. Do not flush.

What is the shelf life of Germ Off+ Wipes?

The shelf life for this product is 1 year.



Sale: Menopause Balance Complex.

While they last, from my inventory. $22 for 60 (retails at $31.45) + shipping. Helps calm down the effects of perimenopause, hot flashes, headaches, meanness. You know who you are. Call me: 206 409 5940

Be well, do well and keep moving, Betsy

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Joint lubrication exercise

Good morning, Dear Ones.

For the past several years I have been studying Tai Chi with Viola Brumbaugh, a gifted practitioner of martial arts. She offers weekly classes for Seniors and introduces every Tai Chi session with a Qi Gong joint lubrication. It is with deep humility that I offer my best version of this warm-up. Know that I am a beginner, an amateur, a practitioner of the lowest level. I offer this to you because so many of you worry about mobility, falling, being unsteady on your feet, having challenges with shoulders, wrists, hips, and knees. So here is my version of the classic Qi Gong. Enjoy. Here it is.



Be Well, Do Well, and Keep moving!  Betsy

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Triple Defense Boost Immune support

Triple Defense Boost is naturally berry flavored powder mix. Stir in hot or cold water to make a delicious immune support drink so you can power your immune system.

Triple Defense has vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, plant-based adaptogens, (yeast Beta-Glucan, Reishi Mushroom extract, Ginseng root extract) elderberry, echinacea and Quercetin, all of which support, boost and defend your immunity. These ingredients play a critical role in boosting the Natural Killer cell activity by 3x and increasing lymphocytes by 5.8x. Good news for your immune function.

As I write this, I am sipping a blend of Triple Defense Boost and Energy tea. Yummy.

The wonderful energy teas you rely on–Green tea, Pomegranate Green tea–have a new flavor added: Elderberry Energy tea. Delicious.


What if you could design a personal supplement plan? Now, you can.

Me+ology: Design a Daily dose of exactly what you need to thrive so you take the guess work out of your program for a healthier lifestyle. Use the assessment tool Shaklee scientists have developed to reveal what you need and why in the way of supplements. The tool considered over a 1,000+ factors including your age, gender and life stage, your health goals, your diet preferences and sensitivities, your health, your life-style, your medications, your family health history, what you eat, your nutrient needs and how everything mentioned affects each other, so your plan fits you.

Once you have a simple path forward and pick a plan essential to your needs, you order a month’s supply of the nutrients and they come pre-packaged in a little pouch with your name on it: Hi, Betsy, Your personalized supplements. I love it. My assessment was right on.

Go to my website and click on the Meology personal plan.

From the Heart…..

The smoke got to me, even put me to bed. My whole digestive system went haywire. I’m on the mend now, but not without the help of a Gastroenterologist at the Polyclinic and a NAET acupuncturist to help re-balance my system. I’m grateful for both conventional medical and alternative health care. I hope you all are fortunate to live where you can take advantage of both kinds of interventions when you suffer from dis-ease.

How are you doing with the virus and sheltering with your chosen pod of family and friends? What are you missing most? I miss going to music venues like the Opera, the Seattle Symphony, and the theater. The artists are doing what they can to bring entertainment to us, but Zoom can become tiresome, especially if you have many online meetings, appointments, social or work related events. There is nothing like dressing up, going out to dinner and to a show.

My garden has been my solace. Close friends have gathered around the fire pit for food and drink and conversation. Once we sat under individual umbrellas while the logs hissed. It will be harder as the weather drives us indoors. Be well, dear Ones.

If you would like to be in touch with me on a regular basis, please subscribe to my face book page. I do a less-than-ten-minute health tip every Thursday morning live at 8:30 Pacific Time. It can be watched any time after that. I would love to hear from you.

Betsy Bell

4455 51st Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116

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B Complex – Why supplement?

Facts about B-Complex

B vitamins are referred to as the “happy vitamins” – the “cope-ability vitamins.”

The most important thing to remember is that ALL 8 Essential B VITAMINS should be taken together in “COMPLEX” form and in the proper ratio. (You can throw your metabolism off by taking an isolated B vitamin…or ones that are out of balance.)

Research has shown that Folic Acid (a B Vitamin, and VERY important to health) is hard to break away from the tableting material….so they have coated the B Complex with Folic Acid so that it is the 1st to be released.

If a person is tired, irritable, nervous, depressed, or even suicidal expect a vitamin B deficiency.

B vitamins are destroyed by intense heat, slow cooking, light, baking soda and baking powder.

Extremely effective in alleviating PMS and Menopausal symptoms. (Calcium Magnesium will help with chocolate cravings during PMS, in addition to relieving muscle cramps, i.e., abdominal, leg, etc.)

SUGAR, ALCOHOL, CAFFEINE and STRESS all destroy B vitamins.

People deficient in B vitamins quickly become anemic, are nervous, do not sleep well (insomnia), crave sweets, and have high cholesterol levels. A slight deficiency can cause abnormal heart action, constipation, and mental depression.

Acne or other skin problems indicate a lack of B vitamins.
B vitamins are necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system.
B-Complex is essential in calming hyperactivity in children with none of the side effects that medications produce.
B vitamins convert fats into energy.
Infection and stress increase need for B-Complex. Sulfa drugs, sleeping pills, and estrogen destroy B Vitamins.
B vitamins help boost the immune system.

Adequate amounts of B-Complex have been found to control migraine headaches and attacks of Meniere’s Syndrome. Massive dosages have been used to improve polio, cases of shingles, and postoperative nausea and vomiting (resulting from anesthesia).

  • B vitamins help with fatigue, skin disorders, cracks at the corner of the mouth and cracks in your cuticles, ridges in your nails, anemia, tender gums, hair loss, constipation, burning feet, burning and dry eyes.
  • B-Complex aids in digestion.
    B-Complex is chiefly responsible for the health of the digestive tract, the skin, mouth, tongue, eyes, nerves, arteries, and liver.
    B vitamins are water-soluble; thus, need to be taken through the day.

And of course, the Folic Acid in the Balanced Shaklee B Complex decreases the risk in pregnancy of neuro tube defects in the baby…that’s why prenatal vitamins are “prenatal”…so that the baby can have the Folic Acid in the very early pregnancy. Shaklee’s Vita-Lea Multivitamin and B Complex have been an excellent choice of prenatal vitamins for mothers for years!

In Summary…

B Vitamins are needed by the:
• Brain and Nervous System
• Immune System
• Skin
• Hormones

B Vitamins are used up:
• whenever we evoke the stress response
• anytime we eat…
1. white flour
2. sugar
3. caffeine
4. alcohol
just to metabolize these foods, we burn up B’s

  • B Vitamins are normalizers:
    if you are fatigued, they help to give you energy
    if you are hyperactive, they help to calm you down

B Vitamins are mostly used or lost in 2-4 hours and need to be replaced to keep the blood levels up.

Most of us who take enough B’s can tell the difference in our mood, energy and patience, by taking Shaklee B Complex, three times a day.

(The last 2 not close to bedtime…because they can give you energy and you’ll be vacuuming at midnight) However, when you become balanced, taking them right before bed can help to keep your blood sugar from being so low in the morning.

There are 8 essential B’s in Shaklee’s B Complex, balanced and complete.

Be well, Do well, and Keep Moving!


Betsy Bell’s Health4U
4455 51st Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98116
206 409 5940 Personal Shaklee shopping page

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Why is turmeric good for you?

(From the Heart is below, plus info about the new issue of Basic G+ so read on.)

Turmeric Boost from Shaklee is a highly absorbable form of Curcuminoids (they added black pepper to help). Turmeric has been used to reduce inflammation (arthritis), natural pain relief, joint pain relief, heart health, clearing brain fog and more. Perhaps you have been using Turmeric in cooking and supplementing with it for these very reasons. Here’s some good information about Turmeric and why you might want to try Shaklee’s version. Switching brands often makes a huge difference.

What is turmeric? What are curcuminoids? And what is curcumin?
Turmeric, curcuminoids, and curcumin are not interchangeable terms. Turmeric is a distinctive yellow spice that’s part of the ginger family and has been used for 4,000 years in cooking and medicinal uses. The family of active compounds in turmeric is called curcuminoids. The primary curcuminoid found in turmeric is called curcumin, and this is where turmeric’s powerful benefits come from. Curcumin is well-known for its powerful antioxidant properties.
What’s the difference between turmeric root and turmeric extract?
Curcumin is found in the root of the turmeric plant but only comprises a small amount of the turmeric root; an average turmeric root contains less than 5% curcumin, and this amount varies from turmeric root to turmeric root. On the other hand, turmeric extracts are made by extracting curcumin from the turmeric root and are standardized to contain concentrated amounts of curcumin. Turmeric Boost includes 500 mg of turmeric extract standardized to contain 95% curcuminoids.
Why is black pepper extract included in the formula?
Because curcumin has been found to have relatively low absorption, Turmeric Boost contains 5 mg black pepper extract (Piper nigrum), a key ingredient that enhances curcumin absorption and increases bioavailability.
Can Turmeric Boost be taken any time of day?
Turmeric Boost can be taken any time of day but should be taken with a meal or shake.
Is Turmeric Boost vegan?
Yes. Turmeric Boost is great for people that eat a vegan diet.
Is Turmeric Boost Kosher?
Yes. Turmeric Boost is Star-K Kosher certified.
Is there anyone who should NOT take Turmeric Boost?
Turmeric Boost is not intended for use by children or by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please consult your physician if you are on medication, pregnant, breast-feeding, or under the age of 18.
Turmeric Extract
Turmeric has long been used for inflammatory conditions and liver support.

Turmeric references so you can look them up yourself!

Basic G+
Shaklee’s response to the pandemic was to re-introduce Basic G (+) in twice the concentration. A new Basic G+ spray bottle gives better instructions on mixing and usage.
1.Disinfects in 5 minutes.* That’s 50% faster than the previous formula.
2.Works on bacteria, fungi, and viruses in kitchens**, bathrooms, and pet areas.
3.Highly concentrated and economical. One 16-oz. a bottle makes up to 32 gallons of cleaning solution. *See label for complete directions. **
Basic-G+ Germicide is a highly concentrated formula and should be kept out of reach of children.
Food contact surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water after use. Note: It is a violation of Federal law to use Basic-G+ in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
You add the water, which means:
•Fewer plastic bottles
•Less energy used for shipping

At Shaklee, we are committed to innovating through science and looking to nature for the answers that can provide healthier lives. We ensure the highest quality and safety standards – conducting over 100,000 quality tests per year to ensure our products are safe.
The new item code for Basic G+ is 00527. The spray bottle is 50531.

From the Heart….
The end of summer is anti-climactic. There is no fall trip to look forward to, no big adventures to report. In fact, my birthday August 2nd, normally swarming with hugging family members, was a weird mini-series of 5 – 7 close relatives outside and masked. At one such event, I was exposed to the Covid-19 virus. My youngest grandson tested positive as did his father. Two test and days later, I am healthy.

I added two young hens to my coop when the Old Lady, Daisy, died at 12 and Goldie wouldn’t be happy living alone. We all seem to need companionship. Happily, my granddaughter, Cami Killorin, is living in my back bedroom, playing fabulous tunes every day in preparation for issuing her first singer/song-writer album. She and I ran away to the Cascades and slept on the ground in our sleeping bags a couple of nights when it was soooo hot in Seattle. There were very few people. We sat by the fire and sang songs, watched an owl sail through the dense forest, walked logs and read by the roaring Troublesome Creek.

I hope you are doing well and not going crazy with the solitude, the news, and inactivity. I am hopeful that the continued attention being paid to the economic and justice disparity between Whites and POC is slowly changing systems. If you don’t have a person of color to talk to about how they live their lives on a daily basis, I suggest you make an effort to meet one or two and listen to their stories. Our Episcopal congregation (155 participants) has been reading and listening to podcasts, interviews and books to better understand the background, then meeting to discuss via zoom.

I am shocked. I’ll leave it at that. I try not to get all my information from media which seems a bit biased on both sides. The persons of color themselves speak to me in their own voices. It is powerful. As a White woman, these stories have been invisible to me, with a few minor exceptions. I did grow up in a Jim Crow town in Oklahoma but didn’t know what the Black families’ lives were like. I didn’t know any Black children until my senior year in high school, through Girl Scouts.

Useful media: for a live health tip every Thursday at 8:30 PDT. Under 10 minutes. my personal shopping website with Shaklee.

Be well, Do well and Keep Moving, Betsy

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Product news from Shaklee Corp.

Dear Ones,

The Global Pandemic has given rise to changes in Shaklee’s inventory, ingredient sourcing, and the demand of Shaklee’s health giving products. Many of you have noticed the delay in shipping your favorite supplements, cleaning and disinfectant products. The company is doing the best they can as customer service people work from home and the shipping headquarters in Ohio practices social distancing to keep the employees safe.

I just received a lengthy update from the company about product availability and formulas changes. I pass these on to you so you can know everything I know.

Don’t worry, I continue to troubleshoot product supplies as I am able and any other challenges you may have. I have included most of the corporate email. Read on if you are interested. Leave it to me if not.

Shaklee 180® Meal and Snack Bar Improvements
Customers may notice an improvement in our Shaklee 180® Meal and Snack Bars. A slight change in formulation – changing the fiber source to non-GMO soluble corn fiber – results in a moister, softer texture and mouth feel. Snack and Meal Bar fans will love the difference!
Slight Difference in Appearance for Sustained Release Vita-C® #20095
A change in tableting equipment has created a very slight change in appearance for Sustained Release Vita-C®, which [you] may notice. The tablet is slightly thicker and may also appear lighter in color. There is otherwise no change in this flagship formulation, remarkable for being the first plant-based sustained release delivery system for vitamin C.

Shipping Limitations for Get Clean® Hand Sanitizer
Please be aware that hand sanitizers are in a class of product that requires special shipping considerations, and the Shaklee Get Clean® Hand Sanitizer is subject to these considerations as well.

When placing an order for yourself…, please keep these parameters in mind:

  • Order must be shipped FedEx Ground (i.e., no 1- or 2-day expedited shipping options);
  • Must be shipped to a physical address (no P.O. Boxes);
  • Carrier may ask for signature on delivery.
  • May only be shipped within the contiguous 48 states.

These parameters are shown on the product page for the Get Clean Hand Sanitizer and will also be programmed into the ordering system. In the meantime, we will notify any customer whose order needs to be modified via email.

Thanks for your attention. We realize these parameters may present an inconvenience, but we know you will understand that these are regulatory considerations not within our control.

Shaklee Vita-D3® Enhancement: Vitamin D plays a major role in supporting bone health, cardiovascular and immune health and is vital for overall well-being. The challenge is that most people in the U.S. still don’t get enough Vitamin D from their diets and sun exposure to support optimal blood levels.*

To address this even more effectively, Shaklee has doubled the level of Vitamin D in Vita-D3 from 1,000 IU (25 mcg) per tablet to 2,000 IU (50 mcg) per tablet. The new formulation is available with item code #21364, and at only $.03 additional cents per serving is an incredible value.

Shaklee Vita-D3 #21364 – SRP $11.75 | MP $10.00 | PV 6.00.

The original Vita-D3 product (#21214) is now permanently discontinued. We have sent emails to alert those who had original Vita-D3 on AutoShip to ensure they replace the existing item with the new one, and that they are aware of the enhancements.

* Based on review of data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Enfuselle® Product Update
Since the launch of our YOUTH® Anti-Aging and Hydrating Skin Care regimens and treatment products, we’ve closely monitored the impact on sales of remaining products in the Enfuselle line.  It is to be expected that many of our previous Enfuselle customers would make the choice to shift their loyalty to the newer line over time, and that trend is manifesting in decreased sales for some of the products in the previous line. 

As a result, we have decided to phase out and discontinue a few products that are no longer selling strongly enough to support another minimum order production. 

Enfuselle Calming Complex #32558 – An extremely slow seller, this product will reach expiration well before we have been able to sell through significant existing inventory.  Stop sell April 2021 / Expires October 2021. 
Replacement Product:  YOUTH Moisture Activating Serum #32583

  • New & Improved Formulations for ProSanté Hair Products
    We’re excited to let you know about enhancements to two of our ProSanté hair care formulations. A reformulation of our shampoo and conditioner leverages advances in hair care technology and wholesome botanicals to cleanse and nourish hair.


    The new formulas have been fully tested by several Leaders in the Field and are now ready for you and your customers to enjoy.

    Here’s what members of our Field test group had to say about the enhanced formulations for these two products:

    “I tried the new products and I loved the consistency, the smell, and the way they lathered and worked in my hair. I get lots of compliments on my hair health, including from my hair stylist. These new products provided great moisture, shine and revitalization. Because they come from Shaklee, I know they’re the best for my scalp and for the overall health of my hair.” ~ Michele Lyon

    “I couldn’t believe how little I used and how long it lasted. I liked the fresh, clean scent. I have very fine hair, so most shampoos are too heavy. I found my hair easy to manage.” ~ Lynn Benevento

    “I loved the new scent. My hair is curly, coarse, and often dry—these products made my hair feel soft and healthy with no buildup.” ~ Harper Guerra

    Available starting February 2020:
    ProSanté Revitalizing Shampoo #31690

    • pH balanced; safe for use on all hair types
    • Gentle
    • Moisturizes dry hair
    • Formulated with humectants and a vegetable derived protein for a smoother hair cuticle, better behavior and control
    • Features a cleansing system of naturally derived cleansing agents – No DEA, SLS, or SLES

      Available now:
      ProSanté Replenishing Conditioner #31644

    • Provides intense shine and softness
    • Moisturizes dry hair
    • Nourishes and strengthens


  • Get Clean® and Household Product Ingredients Information
    Starting January 1, 2020, we will be adding an “Ingredient Glossary,” a listing of ingredients, for each of our Shaklee Get Clean and Household products, to each of their online product pages in the web site.


    We’re doing this as a result of a California law that goes into effect in January, which requires that the ingredients for all cleaning products be displayed online. The law applies to all household cleaners, not just ours, obviously, and it applies ONLY to places where the household product appears online. While the law doesn’t currently apply in other states, eventually other states will adopt similar statutes and we think it’s a good idea.

    Nothing changes with respect to the physical product label that you .. receive. No change to the label.

    To learn more about the addition of the Ingredient Glossary to the product pages for Get Clean and household products, we’ve prepared an informational slide deck.

    Click to download.

    The deck provides background and examples of the location where the Ingredient Glossary will be posted in the product pages, what will be included and how it will look. If you have any questions, please give Shaklee Product Support a call at 925-734-3638, or email us at

  • New FDA Label Requirements for 2020
    The FDA has announced new RDIs/RDAs which go into effect on January 1, 2020. These regulatory requirements necessitate changes in many of our labels and Shaklee products will begin to reflect them, a few at a time, starting this month.

      Here is a brief summary of the changes you will begin to see:

    • FDA requires that all products manufactured after January 1, 2020 have labels that reflect updated RDI (RDA).
    • The agency is also requiring other changes that affect both Nutrition and Supplement Facts boxes.
    • These RDI/RDA changes mean the % Daily Value (%DV) in the Supplement or Nutrition Facts box on labels also changes.
    • Shaklee R&D and Health Sciences took this opportunity to enhance formulations for a few Shaklee products, including Vita-Lea®, Vitalizer, Life-Strip®, OsteoMatrix® and Chewable Cal Mag Plus.

      Here are some helpful resources to walk you through the changes that your customers may notice:

    • Watch this brief but informative video (about 15 minutes long). This video is available in, in the Shaklee Science channel so you can also share it with anyone in your group.
    • A slide deck detailing the changes can be downloaded here. You can also download it directly at the end of the video listed above.
    • Contact Product Support at 1-925-734-3638, Monday thru Friday, 9-5 Pacific Time or by emailing
  • Shaklee Get Clean® and Classic Basic-H® Improvements
    Shaklee R&D has recently found ways to improve performance for several of our Healthy Home products, while maintaining our promise to provide a full line of non-toxic cleaning choices that are Safe for You, Your Home, and Your Planet®.

    Here are some innovations you and your customers may notice:

    Here are some innovations you and your customers may notice: 
  • Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Liquid) – Regular & Fragrance Free – An improvement to the formula makes Fresh Laundry more effective on soils and stains.  A less viscous, thinner consistency allows the product to disperse quickly in water.  The same formula improvements have been made to Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Powder), without any change in texture or appearance.
  • Soft Fabric Concentrate – Better together!  The Soft Fabric Concentrate scent has been updated to match the scent in Fresh Laundry Concentrate. 
  • Scour Off – A new, updated formula uses beeswax to replace some of the oil, preventing product separation and providing a better user experience.
  • Hand Dish Wash – The color is a slightly deeper yellow due to a minor formulation change as part of our ongoing effort to provide the latest in eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Classic Basic-H – Clearly better! Our signature non-toxic cleaner available in 5- and 30-gallon containers, now without the blue colorant and the preservative has been changed to reflect the latest in eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Germ Off Wipes – Coming next year, Germ Off Wipes will be Germ Off+ Wipes. Updated with a new sanitizing agent that provides microbial efficacy and shorter kill times, with no rinse required on food surfaces, making it more convenient.
  • Basic-G® – Coming next year, Basic-G will become Basic-G+! [ Basic-G® Germicide #00525 – Most backorders being filled now with our first shipment of Basic-G+™ #00527.  Additional supply is expected next week which will fill all remaining backorders, and then this item will be available to order. 
  • Basic-G® Germicide Spray Bottle #50531 – Current supply is now the version with printed instructions for Basic-G+™.  Updated with a new sanitizing agent that provides microbial efficacy and shorter kill times.  The new formula is also effective against some of the most relevant pathogens today, such as norovirus.
  • No visible difference, but minor formula improvements using the latest in eco-friendly ingredients have also been made to the following:
  • Basic H/Basic H Wipes
  • Hand Wash Concentrate

Stay safe by wearing your mask and avoiding groups of over 5 people, keeping 6 feet apart.

Be well, Do well, and Keep Moving!


betsy@hihohealth Thursday at 8:30 PT life health tips

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Sooth chapped hands

Hand sanitizer that moisturizes
Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer 99% effective against viruses.

Have your hands become raw, cracked, red? That hand sanitizer! There are so many on the market and the supply is pretty good now that the various supply chains and manufacturers have pulled themselves together. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a sanitizer that you know is effective? That you know will not hurt your skin with repeated use?
Shaklee to the rescue. The company has just introduced an Earth Friendly, Always Safe, Always Works, Always Pure Get Clean Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer that does everything you want:
Kills 99.99% of germs* [Effective at eliminating 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 30 seconds.]
An antibacterial hand gel with plant-based moisturizers so your skin stays soft and protected. This fragrance-free, alcohol-based gel kills germs and bacteria and sanitizes your hands without drying them out. Formulated with plant-based moisturizers so your skin stays soft and protected. No rinsing or drying with towels needed. Safe for the whole family.

Does Get Clean® Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer kill COVID-19?

It has not been tested on COVID-19. Get Clean® Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer has been shown to kill 99.99% of many harmful germs and bacteria including: E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, Candida, A. Niger. It can help protect your health by eliminating germs and bacteria that are commonly found in public places.

Is Get Clean® Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer approved by the CDC?

No. Get Clean® Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer exceeds the CDC’s recommendations for percent alcohol content in hand sanitizer. It has not been directly approved by the CDC but aligns with or exceeds all agency recommendations for alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
Germs are everywhere! They can get onto hands and items we touch during daily activities and make you sick. Cleaning hands at key times with soap and water or hand sanitizer is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to those around you.

There are important differences between washing hands with soap and water and cleaning them with hand sanitizer.
For example, alcohol-based hand sanitizers don’t kill ALL types of germs, such as a stomach bug called norovirus, some parasites, and Clostridium difficile, which causes severe diarrhea. Hand sanitizers also may not remove harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and heavy metals like lead.

Handwashing reduces the amounts of all types of germs, pesticides, and metals on hands. Knowing when to clean your hands and which method to use will give you the best chance of preventing sickness.

Soap and Water

• Before, during, and preparing food
• Before eating food
• Before and after caring for someone who is sick
• Before and after treating a cut or wound
• After using the bathroom, changing diapers, or cleaning up a child who has used the bathroom
• After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
• After touching an animal, animal food or treats, animal cages, or animal waste
• After touching garbage
• If your hands are visibly dirty or greasy

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

• Before and after visiting a friend or a loved one in a hospital or nursing home, unless the person is sick with Clostridium difficile
(if so, use soap and water to wash hands).

• If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, and wash with soap and water as soon as you can.*

Do NOT use hand sanitizer if your hands are visibly dirty or greasy: for example, after gardening, playing outdoors, or after fishing or camping (unless a handwashing station is not available). Wash your hands with soap and water instead [Thanks to the CDC for this information.]

Buy up to three bottles of Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer today. Be sure to place your order at if you are a registered member. If you are not a member, please use my personal website:, typed into the URL bar at the top of your screen or on your phone. And thank you for taking good care of yourself and all the people you might meet during your day.


From the heart..

Last time I wrote to you, I was feeling grateful for “The Pause.” Today I am embarrassed by my privileged position in this difficult time of Pandemic. While I enjoy a spacious garden, the comfort of working from home, a steady income, excellent health and little damage to my personal well-being, countless others are at risk, getting sick and dying. Still others are unable to earn a living, losing their homes, going hungry. Three times as many people of color suffer than us white people. We, even those of us whose lives are peaceful, cannot deny our social contract is not working. I write to you as a Shaklee distributor whose business has increased because of the virus. I am grateful. I am also deeply saddened by the inequity. I hope and pray that we, as a nation, can find a new way forward that lifts all people. It is going to take some work. I pray that as you read this, you and your loved ones are healthy and able to pay your bills. Be well. Do well. Keep moving, Betsy

Betsy Bell’s Health4u, 4455 51st Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116        206 409 5940



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Be Well, Do Well and Keep Moving